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Collection: Aarrekid

Aarrekid is a brand that wants to offer real treasures – those kind of garments that make you feel good, that you keep wanting to wear day after day. That’s what their name means as well. The word “aarre” is Finnish and means treasure. Their products are timeless and durable. Fast fashion is a curse word for Aarrekid as they want their designs to have a purpose – not just something you wear twice and throw in the trash. They are well known for their fearless unisex prints and in the future will also focus even more on new interesting materials. Ethical, European production is the most important thing for them and is also a factor that makes them different from most of the other brands. All of their garments come from their our own sewing factory, located in Northern Portugal, and close partners in the surrounding area with whom they have been working together for years.
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