Collection: Dear Sophie- Sands of Morocco

Another winter is over. The sun shines with overwhelming intensity....a long, hot summer is everything we need!

Kids mean fun, fun and sun, sun and.....sand! Sand and desert. Pails, shovels and rake- let's build this season together, on a flying carpet, among super friendly creatures. Trip around the palms and oasis? Call Mr. Camel, the Donkey and Mr. Snake. There is no better trio to guide you through mysterious nooks and crannies, full of treasures to explore. 
Too slow?
Mr and Mrs Ostrich are here to show you more speed-faster and funnier!! Any danger approaching? Shhh, be like a chameleon and hide...or call Leo to guard you.
Our Little Explorers know what to do...just let them be free...

100% designed and manufactured in Poland, in ethical working conditions. Original prints and organic quality.

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