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The way we are buying our clothes is changing and traditional cotton farming is not sustainable or kind to the planet. Luckily we have an cotton.
Below are five reasons stated by The Soil Association and Love Your Clothes why organic clothing is better for the planet.

Give control to farmers

Organic principles encourage farmers to work with nature, in a sustainable way to support the independence of small scale farmers and their families.

Help farmers feed their families

Conventional cotton is grown as a single crop, with high input costs and little profit to be made. Single crop farmers usually have to buy their food as they have no surplus land, making them vulnerable to food shortages and price spikes.
Organic farmers grow a variety of crops to maintain healthy soil, which also provides an additional source of income for the farmers and their families.

Eliminate pesticides

Conventional cotton farming requires a large amount of costly pesticides. By prohibiting the use of hazardous chemical pesticides and using natural techniques to tackle pests, organic principles not only protect farmers well being but also the environment.

Save water

80% of organic cotton is rain fed and therefore preserves water stores. Due to no pesticide use this keeps drinking water clean. Amazingly the water pollution rate of organic cotton production is 98% less than non-organic.

Combat climate change

From manufacturing fertilisers and pesticides to fuelling spraying vehicles, conventional cotton farming uses a lot of energy. 83% of synthetic fertilisers end up in the atmosphere, emitting huge amounts of nitrous oxide which can pose a health risk.

Organic cotton growing produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. Also, organic practices can benefit the environment by turning soil into a carbon ‘sink’ which removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

While organic clothing can sometimes be more expensive, at least you know that someone else isn’t paying the price. Think of your clothing as an investment and remember that your individual choices make a real difference.

Source: Love Your Clothes